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The 135-year-old Malayala Manorama Group stands tall as one of the largest and most influential media conglomerates in India, with a rich legacy of over a century. Through its diverse media offerings, unwavering commitment to journalistic values, and active community engagement, the group continues to shape public discourse and contribute significantly to the vibrant tapestry of Indian media.

Continuing the legacy of Malayala Manorama, MM TV - its Broadcast arm, has established a strong presence in India's Broadcasting space with multiple channels in Malayalam in News and Entertainment genre, in standard definition and high definition, for residents in India and for overseas residents. The content show cased provide great viewing experience both by way of excellent story telling and top class production quality.

Manorama News started its operations in 2006. Just like in the traditional print form, the television channel caters to the informational craving of a Malayalee, living in India or elsewhere. With impeccable eye for detailing and the ability to go deeper into the roots of any case at hand, Manorama News finds the core of an information. Manorama News became the first channel in India to broadcast in mPeg-4 format. With a taste for innovation and variety, the channel offers the audience a vast ensemble of news-based programming, catering to varied interests and likes, like, cinema, culture, politics, entertainment, technology and so on.

In the dynamic landscape of media, Manorama News has emerged as a trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the national stage through its impactful operations, journalism, and policies. Manorama News has distinguished itself as a powerhouse, shaping public discourse and influencing the socio-political landscape with its commitment to journalistic integrity and advocacy for societal change.

Manorama News Conclave is a significant gathering of the greatest minds of the nation, and it remains a rare occasion that has witnessed the presence of Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. Over the years, the Conclave has been nothing short of an inspirational platform. Conclave puts forward discussions that bring deep thoughts alive. These are topics that matter. The topics that shape the future. Beginning in 2017, Conclave has dealt with topics ranging from Happiness, Freedom, and India’s Future Story. Over the years, the Manorama News Conclave has been dignified with the presence of several honourable personalities like Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Cabinet Minister Smriti Zubin Irani, Governor of Kerala Mohammad Arif Khan, ISRO Chairman S Somanath, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar, Member of Parliament Ravi Shankar Prasad, Cabinet Minister Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Cabinet Minister Kiren Rijiju, Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament Prakash Javadekar, Manju Warrier, Barkha Dutt, Kamal Hassan, Gaur Gopal Das, Sri Sri Ravishankar Prasad etc

KeralaCAN, a commendable initiative by Manorama News, serves as a light of hope for individuals affected by cancer. This program has not only provided crucial treatment support to tens of thousands of patients but has also played a pivotal role in spreading cancer awareness. Through its dedicated efforts, KeralaCAN has become a lifeline for those battling cancer, offering medical assistance and fostering a broader understanding of the disease. The initiative has significantly contributed to the health and well-being of the community.

Newsmaker, a compelling program by Manorama News, takes center stage in the quest to identify and honour the most significant newsmaker of the year. This annual event allows the audience to actively participate in selecting their favorite newsmakers and provides a unique opportunity to recognize who has made waves throughout the year. Over the years many prominent figures like Member of Parliament Sasi Tharoor, Mohanlal, Resul Pookutty, Former ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair etc are helmed as Newsmakers. Eminent Personalities like Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan, Amitabh Bachan, Mammootty, Shabana Azmi etc are invited as award presenters.

Counter Point, the daily prime-time debate program, stands as the channel's crowning achievement with the highest ratings. This dynamic show serves as a pivotal platform for engaging in numerous debates that delve into various aspects of our daily lives. Covering a spectrum of topics, Counter Point successfully captures diverse perspectives on current affairs through insightful discussions. The show is hosted by esteemed national media anchors like Ms. Shani Prabahkaran, Ms. Nisha Purushothaman, Mr. Ayyappadas etc.

Nere Chovve, the standout interview show on Manorama News, is hosted by the esteemed industry veteran, Mr. Johny Lukose, a respected figure and a household name in the media landscape. With a wealth of experience, Mr. Lukose brings a unique finesse to the program, creating an inviting space for in-depth conversations. His seasoned interviewing skills unravel the layers of various celebrities and well-known personalities, providing viewers with an intimate glimpse into their lives that they may not have seen before.

Vayassinazhaku, a heartwarming initiative by Manorama News, stands as a tribute to the accomplishments of individuals aged 60 and above. This program is a celebration of the rich experiences, wisdom, and achievements of senior citizens, highlighting their invaluable contributions to society.

Penthaaram, a laudable initiative by Manorama News, is a dedicated platform that celebrates the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs who have triumphed against the odds. This program is a testament to the resilience and innovation displayed by these inspirational women as they navigate challenges and carve out successful ventures.

Naatusoothram, is a groundbreaking initiative honoring the best local governing bodies in Kerala. Naatusoothram stands as a platform where the concerns of common people are heard, and innovative solutions are provided, celebrating both innovation and upliftment in their respective jurisdictions.

Aashathaaram, a touching initiative by Manorama News, serves as a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of Kerala - the Aasha workers. This program is a dedicated platform where the invaluable contributions of Aasha workers, who play a pivotal role in healthcare and community service, are honored and celebrated.

manoramanews.com, the digital counterpart of Manorama News, stands as a digital beacon, delivering news and information to a global audience. The website has become synonymous with reliable journalism, leveraging technology to provide a dynamic and engaging platform for news consumption. The website excels in providing real-time updates, ensuring that users stay informed about the latest developments as they unfold. With a commitment to accuracy, ManoramaNews.com keeps its audience abreast of breaking news, allowing them to access information swiftly and reliably. ManoramaNews.com extends its digital impact through active engagement on social media platforms. By sharing news updates, articles, and interactive content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the website reaches a wider audience and encourages community interaction.

Distinguished as a paragon of excellence in broadcasting, Manorama News has garnered numerous prestigious awards that underscore its commitment to journalistic integrity and innovative storytelling. With an illustrious track record, the channel has been repeatedly honored by Kerala State Television Awards for its unwavering dedication to delivering timely and accurate news coverage, insightful analysis, and thought-provoking programming. The channel also awarded twice for its exceptional coverage of Kerala State Youth Festival and Kerala State Sports Meet.

In essence, Manorama News stands as an icon of journalistic excellence and community engagement. Through its innovative programs and initiatives, the channel delivers news at international standards, shaping the cultural dynamics of Kerala and creating a platform that resonates with the hearts and minds of its viewers.


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